LADAKH is located in the  state of Jammu and Kashmir in the northern most part of India. The place was cut off or little explored beyond the himalayas for a larger part of its  history.   Strategically located in the Indo-Tibetan border, it was closed to outsiders for thirty years even after the Independence of India in the year 1947. It has thus managed to remain vastly untouched by the grim repercussions of modernization and retain its distinct culture and lifestyle in the canvas of cultures of the Indian subcontinent.

When Ladakh partly opened up to the outside world in 1974, it soon became a Dream Destination for the explorer, for the adventure lover, for the Buddhist pilgrim and for the lover of nature.

Known as the ‘Little Tibet’, ‘The Last Shangri-La’, ‘The Rooftop of the World’ ,  Ladakh has its own culture and identity of which Tibetan tradition is only one aspect of it and has never ceased to enchant travelers all over the world.

Here are some interesting facts and figures of the place:

  • Location:                               Jammu & Kashmir, INDIA
  • Regional Capital:                Leh
  • Avg. Altitude:                   3500 mtr
  • Avg. Temp:           (summer) Max 25 / Min 15
  • Avg. Temp:           (winter) Max 5 / Min –25
  • Area:                                      95,000 Sq. Kms.
  • Religion:                               Both Central and Eastern Ladakh are predominantly Buddhist while Western Ladakh is                                                       mainly Shia Muslim.
  • Language Spoken:             Ladakhi, Hindi & English
  • Population:                           Approx 2, 50,000
  • ATMs available:                SBI, J&K Bank, PNB
  • Credit Card Facility:      Not accepted by most of the shops, restaurants & hotels.
  • Mobile:                               BSNL, Aircel and Airtel (only post-paid services)